How is different from other blogs?


MommaLeah Introduces Audio Blogging

So glad you asked. I am excited to introduce you to:

X-Treme Blogging! Oh Yeah, Baby.

We’ve all landed on those loooong blog posts. And even though we were interested in the topic at first, we don’t have the time or patience to read through paragraph after paragraph of howI-came-up with-this-idea-while-spreading-peanut-butter-on-bread-backstory in order to get to the point.

Sure, I write some long blogs. And sure, you can read the whole narrative backstory if that’s what you want to do.

BUT, if you’re more about getting straight to the meat and potatoes, then IS THE BLOG for YOU!


  1. QUICK SUMMARY:  Look for the quick summary next to the post. Think of the blog post as the king-sized candy bar and the quick summary as the fun-sized mini bites.  Sure, the whole bar is delicious, but if you are watching your blog calories, then unwrap the quick summary. It’s gives you all the taste and content of the full blog, without the extras.

  2. AUDIO:  Oh, yes. I am going there. You love learning new things, but you don’t tend to sit still long enough to read more than a grocery receipt? Honey, this feature is especially for YOU. I am taking my Blog to the Audio-Level! Click on the speaker symbol and listen (Yes, I said listen) to the blog while you drive, wash dishes, change a diaper, take a bath. Awesome. I know.

  3. E-mail and PDF Posts:  Let’s say you are interested in the post and want to come back to read later, but you’re afraid you’ll forget. (Hmmm, sounds like me.) No problem. Click the PDF Version. Then choose to print or email the post to yourself to read later! Smooth.


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