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WEEK 3 GIVEAWAY  Fri, Aug. 19th

“Classes that Changed My Life”

Congratulations to Last Friday’s Lucky Movie Winners!

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Favorite Books Featured Aug 5th

Congratulations to the lucky book winners!

1. My Favorite Self-Help Book

I’ll always be grateful to the person who, after one brief encounter, ordered this book and mailed it to me!
Have you ever noticed that when you are endeavoring to move out of your comfort zone and progress your life to the next level, that obstacles appear out of nowhere?
This happened to me several times during deadline week of finishing my memoir in June. My son got appendicitis and I spent an entire day in the hospital rather than writing. I lost hours of work during an electricity blackout in the library computer lab. Also I lost my jump drive and spent hours looking for it (eventually returning to the library and finding it, to my relief, in the computer where I left it.) A year ago, these events would have derailed me. I would have turned these events into plausible excuses for not entering my book into the writing contest.
BUT, I didn’t!
Thanks to reading The Big Leap, I recognized these silly mishaps as Upper Limit hurdles. Instead of stressing out, I laughed, shook my head, took an extra leap and jumped right over!

2. My Favorite Picture Book

Luscious illustrations, delightful rhyme and meter.

A fun ending with an unexpected hero.

I can read this again and again.

The author and illustrator best know for The Napping House, hit it out of the ballpark with this class children’s picture book.

*Confession. It’s so hard to pick a favorite. You can browse some of my other favorites at  mommaleah.com/favorite-books/

3. My Favorite Memoir

Memoir is my favorite genre, and even if you don’t favor memoir, this is a story not to be missed.

Do I like her parents or do I want to beat them over the head with a logic stick?
Do I envy her carefree childhood brimming with imagination and adventure, or do I pity her upbringing?
A story that you can’t imagine could get any more  perplexing until you get to the end. “You mean they could have _______? The whole time she had______?
Seriously, you must read The Glass Castle and then CALL ME. I am still asking “What?”
And good news, at the end when you need more Jeannette Walls, her second book Half-broke Horses. will not disappoint.

4. My Favorite Women’s Fiction

This is a book to swoon over and one of the few adult books I’ve read more than once.

If you’ve read it already, you might want to read it again. (I know I do and I don’t own a copy…maybe I’ll put my own name into the drawing!)
If you’ve never read it…I HOPE YOU WIN!
*Warning: there is a hard scene in the first few pages. Keep reading.

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