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What is the MommaLeah Academy Online School of Mothering?

Of all the awesome resources on, I am most excited about the MommaLeah Academy. Imagine attending a University of Mothering right from your own home!

When I became a mother, I assumed that I would instinctively known exactly what to do and that mothering would come easily to me. NOT SO!!! Mothering is an occupation, and like any skill-required job, mothering needs training, education, practice, and support.mommaleah academy image

MommaLeah Academy is a safe, effective, user-friendly place where you can brush up on what you already know or dive into a completely new topic. Interact and make friends with other people JUST LIKE YOU who are buried elbow-deep in the work of mothering. Learn from, teach, and inspire each other. Plus, I will be there every step of the way, teaching classes, answering questions, shedding light on tough subjects and being your personal  CHEERLEADER!

I invite all of you to become students of The MommaLeah Academy School of Mothering. Our first course, 7 Simple Secrets for Savvy Mothering begins Sept 15, 2016.

  See you in class!


What is an E-Course?

Taking an e-Course is like reading a How-To book with a guided tutor and lots of visual learning tools. Unlike a webinar with generally focuses on one topic and is attended “live,” an 3-course is broken down into bite-size lessons, just like the chapters of a book. The video lessons of an e-Course are recorded so that you can “attend” class when you want.

Why Will an E-Course Rock My World?

Learn something new without ever leaving home! Want to beef up your knowledge, gain a new skill, improve a talent, acquire a hobby? E-Course are AWESOME! Learn anytime from anywhere at your own pace. “Go to school” with students from a dozen countries without ever stepping foot outside your front door. Make an online community of friends who are interested in similar topics as you are. In short, broaden your horizons, expand you world, become a BETTER YOU!

How Do I Use an E-Course?

Three Steps:


Sign up with just your name, email, and tuition payment (far less expensive than attending y0ur local university).  Then either the class modules will be emailed to you, or the instructor will email you a code or link to view the class modules on a website.


Like chapters in a book, the e-Course will be broken down into smaller lesson modules. Watch at your leisure and move on to the next module once you have completed the first.


Take advantage of any free coaching, group chat rooms, Q&A session, or worksheets offered through the course. Also, put your other work away while you watch so you can take notes. It’s your money. Get the most out of it!