Royalty-and-Romance-Logo_mdClass Title: Royalty & Romance

Location: Salt Lake Convention Center

Date: Thur. Dec 15 to Sat. Dec 17, 2016

Value:  $475

Why it’s mommaLeah’s favorite:

  1. Easily the BEST weekend of my marriage! Not an exaggeration. Get close, reconnect, remember why you fell in love.

  2. This class made me realize that my marriage is a source of energy, creative inspiration, and power to move forward and taught me and my husband how to draw strength from our relationship.

  3. I love how attending the conference with my hubbie gave us a common language. We are now able to put into words the things that were causing disconnect before.

  4. CONNECTION. If you think you have a great marriage, go to this class and be blown away by how much more deeply you can connect. If your marriage is struggling and you don’t even want to be in the same room as your spouse, let alone sit next to him/her for three days, GO TO THIS CLASS, and be blown away by how much you LOVE your spouse and really do want to connect.