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WEBINARS are a powerful platform for teaching principles effectively, with optimal student understanding in a short amount of time.

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What is a WEBINAR?

A Webinar is a seminar hosted over the internet. A Webinar can be a presentation, lecture, workshop or meeting that uses video conferencing software. Participants interact in real-time giving, receiving, and discussing information.

Why will a WEBINAR change my life?

Learn from wherever you are! At home, on the road, at the park, basically anywhere with internet connection. Accelerate your learning by accessing documents, images, worksheets and being able to interact live with the teacher.

How do I use a Webinar?

Two steps: 1) REGISTER and 2) Join via LOG IN


1. Click the registration link or button provided on a registration Web site or in an invitation email.

2. Complete the registration form.

3. You will receive an email confirming your registration for the Webinar, along with the option to add the Webinar information to your Outlook® Calendar.


1. At the time of the Webinar, open the Webinar confirmation email or Outlook appointment.

2. Click the “Join Webinar” link provided in the confirmation email or Outlook appointment.

3. Some Webinar software will require you to download a small app. Click YES and don’t panic. It’s safe, quick, and doesn’t use much memory.

4. Next, you should see a Webinar in progress. (Note: if you’re early, a message will tell you the session hasn’t started yet. Simple wait for it to start.)

5. To Hear AUDIO: If you have internal or external speakers or a headset connected to your computer, you will be able to hear the webinar’s audio. If you can’t hear, then look for an instruction box on the top left of your screen with an telephone or computer icon and options to join via internet or via phone. Usually connecting via internet works best.

By default, your microphone and camera will be blocked by the conference host so that you can hear the session, but the rest of the participants can’t hear or see you or the background noise where you are. Some smaller Webinars will have all participants join with video and audio.

6. OK, you are logged in. Enjoy the Webinar!